Marketing Trends for Spring 2021

Keeping you updated with the latest in innovative marketing.

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5 CX Tips for Targeting New Audiences

by Carrie Pickering

Maintaining successful customer experiences while expanding the reach of your brand.

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Does Your Brand Need a Mascot?

by Matt Weber

When it comes to brand mascots, we've seen bullseyes and blunders. Here's what you should consider when deciding if your brand needs a face of its own.

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Super Bowl Postgame: Ad Breakdown

by Taylor McFerran

Themes we noticed from the biggest advertising day of the year.

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redpepper Reacts: Brands Take the Bench

Our experts weigh in on big brands that made big statements by sitting out the Big Game.

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7 Marketing Trend Predictions for 2021

After a year that turned the marketing world upside down, here are our predictions about which of those changes are here to stay—and what's up next.

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redpepper Reacts: New Year, New Logo

General Motors and Burger King recently unveiled new logos, and our experts weighed in.

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redpepper Reacts: Holiday Edition

The team shares their all-time favorite spirited spots.

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LinkedIn Conversation Ads: 5 Takeaways to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Here are 5 tips to get the most out of LinkedIn Conversation Ads.

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redpepper Reacts: FIGS ad

The scrubs brand released an ad that clearly missed the mark, and our experts weighed in on what went wrong.

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Remote Production: Pros and Cons

COVID-19 has impacted every angle of agency life, including production shoots.

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redpepper Reacts: The UN’s all-call for pandemic PSAs

Our two cents on the creative public health messages

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redpepper Reacts: KFC vs. Starbucks

Our two cents on the brands' "we're back" messaging strategies

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redpepper Reacts: Jeep vs. Old Spice

Our two cents on repurposed content campaigns

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