Robotic Process Automation Improves Employee Happiness

Investment in innovation is a retention strategy.

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The Hybrid Innovation Model

Repeat after me: Innovation is not a pet project.

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Innovation Discipline Lowers Risk

Innovation is not a department, job or finish line. It’s a discipline. A way of behaving.

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A Diverse Innovation Portfolio: Three Strategies

Innovation is not limited to invention.

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Inclusive Design: Innovating for One Innovates for All

by Biaunca Edwards & Courtney Chauvenne

Plus 4 ways to implement accessibility into your current strategy.

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A Guide to Direct-to-Consumer Innovation

Our secret sauce for taking your brand DTC.

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Why Your CPG Brand Should Go DTC Now

We bet you already have what it takes.

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Convince Your Team to Go DTC

How to open the conversation about taking the plunge.

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6 Ways the Olympic Games Drive Innovation

On your mark, get set...innovate!

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rp Reacts: 6 Products We Wish Sold DTC

From CPG to DTC (and all the letters in between), these industries are ripe for disruption.

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10 Insights to Accelerate Your DTC Journey

How to fast-track your team to the right solution.

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5 Ideas We’ve Squashed That Saved Our Clients Millions

Sometimes innovation is knowing what NOT to do.

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5 Innovative Insights From Our Work With Mars Petcare

There might be more to learn from dog food than you think.

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3 Characteristics of a Successful Innovation Strategy

by Tim McMullen

Takeaways from my time at the Retail Innovation Conference

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Unleashing Your Inner Risk-Taker

by Jen Lawson Williams

A handful of steps toward increasing risk tolerance and failing forward ​

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Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Creative Work.

by Chris Ammons

They aren’t really rules per se, more like guiding principles that can help increase creativity and lead to a better final product. ​

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