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rp Reflects: Advice for Women Entering Advertising

Reflecting on the best advice received and lessons learned as women in the creative industry.

As part of our celebration of Women’s History Month, the adwomen of redpepper are sharing the best words of advice they’ve received and lessons they’ve learned during their time in the industry. We’re proud to have a strong female presence at our agency, and we believe in passing the ladder back down to help the next generation of female leaders.

Here’s what a few of our team members would share with young women entering the advertising industry:

Never assume that someone you admire didn’t work really damn hard to perfect the skills of their craft. We often discount soft skills as natural ability, and that is rarely the case.

Also, build your network. The connections you make are equal in importance to the skills you learn. Both are needed to advance your career.

– Samara Anderson, VP Sales & Marketing

Your first job doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t be discouraged if you get rejected at first. As long as you are learning something, it’s a part of helping you reach your ultimate goal.

You deserve the raise, and you deserve the seat at the table. There are a lot of outside forces that will have you thinking you should act or dress or lead a certain way as a woman–don’t let them fool you.

– Riley Collins, Jr. Producer

Whoever takes the best notes owns the meeting.

– Lindsay Alexander, Sr. Copywriter

Never be afraid to ask questions. It’s the best (and fastest) way to learn.
Find a mentor who excels in what you want to do, and absorb all you can.

– Carrie Pickering, Digital Project Manager/Producer

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