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Nashville General Hospital has been providing quality care to the community for the past 130 years, regardless of insurance—accommodating a wide range of needs from emergency services and acute care to ancillary and ambulatory services. However, it struggled with a big perception problem. Since its primary population is homeless individuals, along with those without health insurance, many Nashvillians assumed its offerings weren’t up to par with other big name hospitals in the area. This, paired with the fact that hospitals typically aren’t top of mind for people until they’re faced with an emergency, exacerbated the issue. 


We created an awareness campaign that spoke to the value NGH brings to the community—highlighting its top cancer center, primary care services, and other various specialties offered on campus. Our goal was to prompt individuals to invest in their present-day health by visiting NGH, and establishing primary care to help minimize chronic conditions down the line. Metro Nashville employees were our primary audience since many were not aware they could receive care here at a low cost, if not for free through the metro incentive program. To spread this message we blanketed the city in out of home media, including digital bulletins, bus shelters, bus benches and full wrap buses—in addition to social media and direct mail campaigns.


The entire campaign generated 19.8 million impressions throughout the Nashville market, with the digital component producing over 2 million impressions and 495 post reactions.


  • Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign Development
  • Ad Design
  • Media Strategy
  • Campaign and Media Execution

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