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2020. A pandemic. A cookie retailer on the verge of the holiday season. Challenge—confirmed. This season’s gatherings lacked in the actual “gathering” aspect and budgets were limited among Christie Cookie Co.’s corporate gifting base. We knew this holiday campaign needed to do three things: be adaptable enough to transition throughout the winter holiday season, resonate with B2B and B2C consumers alike, and position their products as the perfect gifts, regardless of circumstance.


Maybe togetherness and the holidays didn’t jive in 2020. But one important aspect of togetherness doesn’t require a gathering to be felt: nostalgia. And we knew we could capture it in this campaign. Nothing says “home” more than freshly-baked cookies. Our concept? Make it possible for people to send the feeling of “home” to each other, even if we can’t be together.

Christie Cookie Co. may be rich in authentic, Southern heritage, but we didn’t want to smatter this campaign with reds and greens. We intentionally took a visual approach that felt more elevated and whimsical—honing in on a nostalgia inspired by youthful curiosity. Mouthwatering photography and a series of illustrations in a holiday color palette designed true to the Christie Cookie brand drove the campaign across email, social media, and banner ads. By implementing a two-part media strategy that can grow with the brand, we saved spaces for clients, friends and family at every holiday table–even in 2020.


Turns out, people loved sending little bites of home. Christie Cookie increased their engaged segment by 17% and exceeded their holiday sales goal by 35%, with a 50% increase compared to 2019. Campaign performance increased month-over-month, clocking a 23.49% boost in web visitors in December. Targeted paid media and email strategies for both B2B and B2C consumers helped put a little holiday cheer in the hands of those who needed it—and helped Christie Cookie pull off their highest-earning day for email sales ever.


  • Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign Development
  • Ad Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Media Strategy
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Campaign and Media Execution
  • Sales Analysis
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