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These are the things we stand for.

If creativity is being able to have a useful idea and make it a reality, each of us is creative in our own way. Ideas happen all the time, can come from anywhere, and come to life best when people work together to bring them to life.

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These are the things we stand for.

Powerful ideas provide emotional and functional benefits. Both can be measured — and we do, holding ourselves and our clients accountable. Because if no one benefits, our ideas aren’t useful, only creative. We want creativity that works.

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These are the things we stand for.

When we’re passionate about something, we’re happy, and naturally do better work. At redpepper we encourage each other to find our strengths and passions, as well as outlets to share them.

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These are the things we stand for.

Growing people are happy people. We’ve designed our culture to actively help our people grow within their strengths and passions. This help us stay innovative — and happy — in an ever-changing marketing landscape.

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These are the things we stand for.

There’s only one thing we can count on: change. If we don’t adapt to it, we’ll fall prey to the status quo and fall behind. Here we see each day as an opportunity to forge new ground and lead the way.

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We push each other to learn and grow.


Each of us are continually discovering new concepts or better ways of working. Once a week, we bring back what we’ve found, sharing it through a ten-minute presentation to the entire team.

Watch a few


Once a year, we stop to share two days of learning and reconnecting at Pepperpalooza, our annual retreat.

Come along for the ride

And sometimes blow things up. (Figuratively. Usually.)


Here we test the limits of technology, discovering what works, what doesn’t and that impossible isn’t. We experiment on ourselves, so clients don’t end up with the scorch marks.

See it in action

We use our powers for good.


Every year we set aside a day – and night – to help local nonprofits with their marketing. They tell us their needs, and we spend a sleepless 24 hours straight pouring our hearts and minds into making happen.

See the impact

And are lucky enough to work
with some good folks.

Samara Anderson
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Sarah Atenhan
Resource Manager
Angel Ayala
Director of Product
Joe Bennett
Product Account Director
Levi Brandenburg
Account Supervisor
Katie Brown
Senior Project Manager
Riley Collins
Production Coordinator
Meredith Craft
Project Manager
Emily Cropsey
Community Manager
Julie Dennie
Director of People Operations
Ryan Dunlap
Associate Creative Director
Nate Fleming
Creative Strategist
Cat Garnett
Senior Strategist
Lindsey Girdler
Director of Finance
Caroline Hamel
Director of Production Services
McKenzie Hilton
UX/UI Designer
Kéra Holzinger
Account Supervisor
Eric House
Tech Whisperer
Karla Jackson
Associate Creative Director
Alyssa Kalams
Sales & Marketing Manager
Caitlin McCrary
Media Strategist
Tim McMullen
Chief Executive Officer
Caroline Meyer
Account Executive
Rachel Mignogna
Project Manager
Bri Moran
Senior Art Director
Ily Phelps
Meredith Queen
Events Manager
Matt Reed
Creative Technologist
Lauren Reese
Account Director
Michelle Ruiz
Design Thinking Facilitator
Erin Sephel
Allie Shanahan
Account Supervisor
Samantha Simmons
Product Strategist
Jesse Spear
Media & Content Marketing Strategist
Katie Straughn
Video & Media Specialist
Clare Thomas
Account & Project Coordinator
Emily Vaughn
Project Manager
Spencer Watson
Junior Designer
Matt Weber
Producer/Production Manager
Emily Whittington
HR & Accounting Coordinator
Jennifer Williams
Account Director

Where we create

Our space is part of the team, supporting how we work and elevating our creativity.

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Team Rooms

Each client has a room where the work comes to life and everyone can work together.

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Zone Rooms

When it’s time for uninterrupted deep thinking without distractions, we retreat to a zone room.

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With a multitude of configurations and white boards, this is where our client and consumer collabo

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This is our social space and where we get our energy – caffeinated and otherwise.

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