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Rickroll your Zooms

by Matt Reed

UPDATE! July 8th

So, the day has come. Rick received a sad, but pleasant, email from Zoom’s legal team that he is in violation of their terms of service. Understandably, Rick must cease his rolling immediately. If you got to experience Rick in your Zooms then you know how happy it made him to see you all light up. The world needs as many smiles as it can get right now and Rick was honored to do his little part. Thanks for the love, everybody.

UPDATE! July 7th

On Rick’s first day he rolled almost 1200 fine friends, but it didn’t all go according to plan. The Automator actions that I had built ran into a lot of edge cases that caused it to crash quite frequently. Things like meetings planned in the future, being put into a waiting room, jumping into full-screen desktop shares, all types of things that threw the preplanned actions for a loop. Also, one of the actions is literally a “loop” so I’m laughing at that last sentence right now.

Regardless of the hurdles Rick ran into today, many smiles were had and it that makes all of this worth it. Thank you for understanding, hopefully he brings/brought you a laugh.

Now that everybody is all Zoom-fatigued out, video calls have become a bit of a snoozefest. We wanted to make Zoom calls FuN again and what better way to upgrade a meeting than having our boy Rick Astley bust in with his trademark smoothness?

Rickrolls as a Service

On weekdays beginning July 7th from 10a-4p (EST), Rick will be awaiting your Zoom invite links over at inviterick.com so he can drop by and roll out his signature serenade to all your Zoom friends. Why only during certain hours? Because he can’t be trusted at this point. He’s still in beta and has to be constantly watched over.

How does Rick have time for this?

Well, I sacrificed my personal Zoom account to make this magic happen for you. This meant changing my Zoom profile to Rick and setting up a ManyCam Virtual Camera with a looping clip of “Never Gonna Give You Up” as the media source. I just switch my Zoom camera to ManyCam so any meeting I join immediately gets Rickrolled to infinity by the man himself.

There’s a simple intake form on the site that you can drop your meeting invite link into. That saves to a local database that I, sorry, Rick, will be monitoring. When Rick sees a new link come in, off he goes to deliver happiness, smiles, and cybersecurity audits. Once rolling has been completed to Rick’s satisfaction (about 15 seconds) he’ll check that meeting off the list and move on to the next one.


How long will this last?

Honestly, not sure, probably not long. There’s a possibility that Invite Rick miiiiight violate Zoom’s terms of service, if true then the gig is up and it is bye-bye Rick time. If that day ever comes, unlike Rick, we will have let you down.

Get rolled

If you’d like to invite Rick to your next Zoom just shimmy on by inviterick.com and have a smile at your coworkers’ expense.

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