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We helped Slack build awareness among early adopters.

People needed to FEEL what it's like to use Slack. So when we took over 4 major markets, we led with hard-hitting, benefit-driven headlines and visuals that’d make any cubicle dweller go starry-eyed. By zeroing in on the early adopters, we were able to create a groundswell that would trickle out to the masses—making Slack the fastest growing B2B software in the world.

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Then, we introduced Slack to the masses.

Slack was gearing up for an IPO. So it was time for them to be seen as more than just the hot new tool for startups. With a little elbow grease and some literal craftsmanship, we helped them generate widespread awareness. Then they went big—no, really big—with a media buy, launching this campaign during the 2018 World Cup.

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And, we gave Campaign Monitor a grown-up new look.

Every day, email marketing companies tell people how easy their product is to use. Campaign Monitor needed to reach people who were ready for a robust, highly effective service (that's still easy to use). So, we refreshed their brand and created a video designed to speak directly to users.

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We built a unique new way to quickly develop and explore concepts with our clients—by bringing together our innovation lab process and the fluid idea sharing that is at the heart of any strong software product. It’s called Sprint Concepting. Watch the video below for a closer look.

Along the way

We solved a few challenges...

  • Shifting from lead-gen to brand awareness

  • Differentiating in crowded markets

  • Winning over skeptical audiences

…for some pretty cool folks.

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