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TVA Energy Right® sped up the launch of its virtual Home Energy Evaluation (HEE)—the smartphone-driven experience of the popular in-person evaluation—following the onset of the 2020 pandemic and an extended pause on in-person activities. Initial interest was strong, but over time the number of virtual evaluation registrations dwindled. Before the pandemic, Energy Right was conducting around 40,000 in-person HEEs each year across its three-state region. During the pandemic? About 400. So the Tennessee-based power supplier looked to redpepper to reinvigorate awareness around virtual HEEs to increase registrations.


TVA Energy Right needed something special for this campaign to show people the value of the free service at their disposal that saves them money on their utility bills (and did we mention the Home Energy Evaluations come to you via your smartphone?). There was lots to do, but redpepper is never one to be spooked by a challenge.

The final concept? A “haunted” house riddled with energy inefficiencies that appear like ghosts or monsters to their homeowners. And Hank the Home Energy Advisor is ready to help get to the bottom of things, busting ghosts and boosting energy efficiency with his “scary good” tips along the way. 

With organic and paid social as the campaign drivers, we set out to make six standalone, linked video vignettes. Unexpected, snackable and FUN content—“hoopla,” as we like to call it. Then we created a mini-support campaign within the campaign, hosting a Facebook Live Ask Me Anything (AMA) event with real-life “Hanks,” aka actual TVA Energy Right Home Energy Advisors.


By choosing an unconventional social-only video vignette series approach over a traditional budget-crushing TV spot, redpepper was able to help TVA Energy Right increase virtual HEE registrations. The power supplier also shared the video vignettes with local power companies to reach their customers, too. Now more homeowners are improving their home energy, saving money and living more comfortably. Scary good, indeed.


  • Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Video Production

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