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If you have a dog, you know—there’s no shortage of dog food options out there. Kibble, fresh, organic, personalized. One thing those options don’t account for? Our dogs’ health requirements change over time—so a one-and-done recipe won’t cut it. Puppo’s unique nutrition program starts with a personalized plan, then makes it easy to swap out ingredients and adjust recipes from there.

We originally helped Puppo launch as a DTC dog food disruptor (more on that here). The brand was clear on their value proposition. Now, they trusted us to help grow their awareness with an integrated campaign that would emotionally connect.


We knew we needed to communicate Puppo’s selling points in a way that would feel fun and relatable, while staying honed in on the brand’s differentiators. So we came up with a campaign that quickly and directly accesses the topic of dogs nutrition by “speaking dog parent”—leading with those confusing yet comical moments between dog and human when we realize it’s time for a nutrition change. The concept, For All Your Dog’s Uh-Ohs, There’s Puppo, uplifts the humor behind our attempts at giving our dogs the best lives possible—and creates the perfect opportunity to demonstrate just how easy it is to adjust your pup’s recipe as you navigate life together.


A 3-day shoot, countless nose boops, and zero in-studio accidents later, we delivered a whole toolbox of campaign and brand assets to launch Puppo into the social ad space and refresh their web experience too—so the whole campaign journey would feel relatable, intentional, and true to Puppo. Puppo was already a unique player in its space—but this lovable, attention-grabbing campaign just what the brand needed to go the extra mile. Wag wag.


  • Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Video Production

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