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As a software company built to help teams optimize their UX, Decibel was founded on a vision to become the reason people are no longer frustrated by digital experiences. They needed to dispel the myth that digital experiences have to be complicated and evolve their brand identity to match that vision. The team took on the challenge to help them refine their brand to show the world what was true–that Decibel’s software is easy to use, effective in practice, and lightyears ahead of the competition.


Decibel’s amicable voice and its mission of bringing accessibility to digital experiences set it apart from other software brands. Rather than focusing on flaunting its own high-level expertise, Decibel empathizes with the customer as a human by transforming the analytics experience into one that feels approachable. Their new color palette, typeface, and illustration style were crafted to feature warm colors and vibrant accents. Illustrations combine simple shapes and paths into compositions that represent each user’s journey and the ways Decibel can optimize their experience. The resulting mascot? A friendly wizard with a name that reflects both empowerment and connection to the Decibel brand: Bello.


As Decibel competes within the software jungle, they will stand out for the reasons the brand has found such success in the first place–their leading technology and unique perspective. The rolling out of Bello and an elevated brand identity was just the boost a software standout needed to forge ahead.


  • Brand Identity
  • Concepting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Production
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • CX/UX
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