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The Courage Collective needed a name and brand identity for a fellowship program designed to open up career opportunities to Black and Brown candidates in marketing, consulting and tech–three industries that have historically lacked representation.


The reality is that “diversity” in the workplace isn’t enough. Without a focus on equity and inclusion, diversity is just a false sense of progress. True progress is unhomogenous and accessible–it’s boundless. And thus, the program’s moniker was born. The Boundless Fellowship Program creates access for Black and Brown candidates to companies that value their unique skills and fresh perspective. Companies who offer opportunities for them to carve their own paths forward. We developed a look and feel inspired by the vibrancy of self-expression, art, fashion, and life experience.


With a clear vision for the program, the path to inclusive, equitable candidate success is Boundless. redpepper is proud to be a part of the Courage Collective’s journey to empower Black and Brown professionals in reaching their true potential.

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  • Brand Identity
  • Naming
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Video Production
  • UX/UI Design
  • Communication Strategy

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