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If there’s one thing us humans are good at, it’s reacting to things, and AI is great at giving us an endless amount of things to react to. When we combine our unique human tastes and personal experiences with these stimuli, lightbulbs light up!

“One thing a person cannot do, no matter how rigorous his analysis or heroic his imagination, is to draw up a list of things that would never occur to him.”

Create-a-tron success stories…


  • Our client won an award for the 17th year in a row, so we used Create-a-tron to find things related to the number 17. And sure enough, Create-a-tron’s “17 muscles to smile” concept was the winner.
    Karla Jackson, Marketing Practice Creative Director
  • We’ve used Create-a-tron for large group ideation sessions. With some research prior to the session, we’re able to brief the group on the goal and then use Create-a-tron to augment/add to the conversation. We’re then able to collaboratively bring the best ideas to the top.
    – Drew Beamer, Associate Creative Director
  • I’ve used it to expedite the process of gathering information around various topics. It’s like a turbo charger for research. Plus, it removes the initial barrier of staring at a blank page and can help expedite the shitty first draft and give you a strong foundation to build off of.
    – Nate Fleming, Director of Strategy
  • We’ve used Create-a-tron to augment some of our new business proposals. It’s written taglines, generated experiential marketing ideas, and created campaign concepts that get prospective clients thinking outside of the box before we even kick off a project.
    – Jesse Spear, Sr. Marketing Manager

“We’ve built client workshops around Create-a-tron, and it’s a blast. We follow a structured process that includes brainstorming, feedback, and presentations. Create-a-tron facilitates idea generation and refinement based on the team’s expertise and input, resulting in some pretty innovative solutions (and a few terrible ones).”

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