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As a leading survey creation software in Europe coming off of a major acquisition deal, CheckMarket owns a significant amount of the market share in its space amid a gaggle of trailing competitors. But showing their unique perspective through a visual identity was an area the brand struggled with. Breathing creative life into an industry leader? That sounded like something we would do.


We got busy exploring opportunities to bring the CheckMarket brand to life visually, from evolving their logo to pulling in a color palette and typography set that felt as fresh and innovative as their product itself. A software brand should have an identity that can be fully expressed through its UI—so that’s exactly what we did. Clean iconography gave the brand the ability to communicate with users visually and dispel any confusion about taking advantage of the software’s full lineup of features. And the face to tie it all together? An adventurous mascot, Rick the Explorer, who makes it his mission to guide users through the software frontier.


We knew that CheckMarket was a leader in its space, and now it looks the part, too. An identifiable look and feel will carry the brand through its next phase of growth post-acquisition and help it tell the story of its complex product capabilities in a way that feels approachable and exciting to its growing audience. Mission accomplished.


  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Iconography
  • Typography
  • Character Design

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