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We helped TVA launch an awareness campaign for electric vehicles in Chattanooga. We wanted to show people that owning an EV is good for the environment and not as cumbersome as they may think—and ultimately drive people to the ChargingChattanooga.com landing page.


To electrify the campaign, we ramped up our usual paid and organic social media tactics with sweepstakes, influencers, and interactive experiences. The #ChargingChattanooga hashtag, captivating educational content, and exciting prizes all worked together to expand reach in the local community.


With over 700,000 social impressions (that’s about 3x the population of the city), nearly 2,500 landing page visits, and 200+ sweepstakes entrants, the campaign positioned TVA as a trusted voice about electric vehicles.


  • Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Paid media
  • Production
  • Website Development

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