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TVA EnergyRight’s goal is clear: Get 200K electric vehicles in use across the Tennessee Valley by 2028. The only problem with their planet-saving plans (which include $120M reinvested in the local economy and nearly 1M metric tons of CO2 saved annually)? Well, when it comes to EV adoption, it turns out that people get a little overwhelmed. That’s where redpepper comes in to make it easier than ever to understand the benefits of plugging in and powering up through a fun and easy-to-navigate site.


We built out a video animation element to concisely sum up the high points of going electric and then used original iconography to create visual resting places at each stop along the user journey of the site. We included a location-based map with charging locations across the state and busted myths that confuse consumers about EV technology (like how you can’t get far on a charge—false!). Finally, we made sure to include the juicy cost-saving details of EVs to ensure every visitor gets the full download.


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