Defining & Designing Innovation

Branding Vanderbilt University’s ground-breaking, cross-discipline innovation center.

Trailblazers: it takes one to know one.

If there’s one thing we love at redpepper, it’s disruption and causing a (strategic) scene. So when the academic pioneers at Vanderbilt University needed to name and brand their new innovation center, we were a natural partner. We rose to the occasion on this tall order with our proven process of going from nothing to naming.

The epic journey to the magic moniker.

You can’t name what you don’t know. So we took a deep dive into prospective audiences, brand archetypes, and building a brand platform that would help us discover who (not what) the innovation center truly is. The name and look and feel had to match the key promise of the venue, and evoke the feeling of a one-of-a-kind campus-wide creation lab.


Work it. Setting our clients up for a launch with a bang.

redpepper doesn’t create in a silo. We put our clients to work along with us ensuring agency and client alignment along the way as we all sprint to the goal. After our initial research and planning we teamed up with Vanderbilt for our unique workshop packed with exercises that enabled us to—together— define key pieces of the overall brand.

Introducing: The Wond’ry.

Along the way, hundreds and hundreds of names were born, but one rose above the rest in a way that spoke to the core values and unmatched opportunity of the innovation center. Think: a one-of-a-kind foundry that collides with a world of wonder—The Wond’ry. Guided by our strategic brand platform, our design team created a variety of mood boards and aesthetic executions that could inspire the look and feel of The Wond’ry. Ultimately, Vanderbilt connected to the idea of transparency and overlapping elements that represented the interdisciplinary nature of the center while also subtly referencing their storied brand.

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