Branding an introduction

We created—and launched—one brand to differentiate a new product from all the rest.

Launching a first

The embroidery software industry is far from Mac® friendly. To date, almost all options have been geared toward PCs. Mac users either work on a cross platform (reluctantly) or don’t buy embroidery software at all. So, when SVP Worldwide told us they were getting ready to launch the first complete personal embroidery software for Mac computers, we were thrilled. We were even more thrilled when they asked us to help create a brand for it and then take the brand to market.

Building the right personality

Apple is known for its simple, clean design. The embroidery industry is not. We knew that a straightforward, uncluttered brand would not only resonate with our Mac audience, it would drastically stand out from any other embroidery software on the shelf. From finessing a final name and creating a refreshingly simple yet memorable logo (a flower design that pays homage to the distinct Mac “command” symbol), to building the perfect brand palette—we strategically crafted every element. Finally, the TruEmbroidery™ Software brand was born.

Bringing the brand to life

Once we had a name and look, it was time to put the brand to work. We strategically designed the software packaging, including custom patterns which were then used throughout other branding elements. We created custom software icons, designed templates for presentations, outlined brand fonts —the list goes on and on.

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