Happiest ad campaign ever

Building brand awareness with rainbows, kittens and ice cream.

The future of teamwork? We’re there.

It’s always extra good when you get an assignment from a brand you already believe in strongly. So when the call came in from Slack (okay, it was a tweet actually), we jumped at the chance to jump in. All of us at redpepper were already using/loving/gushing about this wonderful new software platform on a daily basis. Along with other early adopters like NASA, _The Wall Street Journal_ and eBay, we realized that Slack is the best thing ever for streamlining workflow and keeping teams connected. Create their first major ad campaign? Out of the blue? Sure thing.

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Capturing the essence of a brand

We knew we needed to highlight two important aspects of the product. On one hand, consumer research has provided a collection of very impressive statistics underscoring Slack’s success in the workplace. When a product performs this strongly, you don’t want to be shy about letting people know. The other piece of the puzzle was trickier. Slack has a quirky personality that can only be described as fun. Along with an uncanny ability to keep work life a little more sane, lighthearted and human. As marketers, we knew that making an audience feel happy is far more effective than talking about happiness.



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Taking the audience to their happy place

That’s where visual style comes in. By showing how a person at work might look when transported to his or her personal happy place, redpepper draws our audience into a fanciful world filled with rainbows, ice cream, balloons and kittens. The message is clear. So is the fact that Slack is the catalyst for such over-the-top bliss. And just like Slack itself, the Euphoria campaign makes people smile.

A campaign concept flexible enough to work anywhere

The Euphoria campaign’s tight focus and instantly identifiable look help it translate easily across a wide range of media. Bus and train wraps, huge digital boards and even animated versions of the ads are now blanketing several major cities. In other words, this particular flavor of happy is very easy to share— just like Slack itself.

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