Red-carpet results

This star-studded campaign collaboration with Sony Pictures engaged shoe lovers while growing product awareness.

Building a superstar database

Every brand needs online advocates in their toolbox. With that in mind, Off Broadway Shoes turned to redpepper for help in building their online fan base and e-mail database. The mission? To launch an integrated promotion with partner Sony Pictures in a way that would captivate existing fans and capture new ones. With the stars aligned and our feet planted firmly on Facebook, we set out to make a middle-ground budget work like a half million bucks. And so the Sparkle Red Carpet Giveaway was born.

A glamorous giveaway

We created a custom Facebook tab for the giveaway, which offered two tempting prizes. The first was a grand prize trip for two to Hollywood, VIP passes to the Sparkle movie premiere and, naturally, new shoes. The second prize — a trip to Hollywood for a shopping spree at Off Broadway’s Sunset Boulevard location –could only be won by playing Sparkle Spree. What’s Sparkle Spree? We’re glad you asked.

The Sparkle Spree game

After contestants entered the red carpet giveaway, they could then play the Sparkle Spree game. Designed to enrich engagement with both the brand and the promotion, Sparkle Spree allowed players to build their ideal red carpet look. Shoe and accessory choices featured currently stocked offerings from Off Broadway. This placed their product front and center, and provided post-promo information about product popularity.

Spreading the word

Sparkle Spree amped up the share-factor by awarding coupons to those who shared their picks on Facebook. The result? Of those who entered, 31% shared. This beats the industry benchmark by 6%. Players were also vying to win $100 gift cards, awarded weekly throughout the promotion. On top of that, weekly shoe giveaways gave promo participants and current fans even more reason to stay involved with the brand on Facebook.


new Facebook fans in under a month

Multiple touchpoints

Offline components also played a role in the success of this integrated promotion. Point-of-purchase materials, outdoor boards, and bag stuffers fueled interest. Counter sign-up forms and QR codes provided alternate ways to enter from a mobile device, resulting in over 9,000 mobile page visits and nearly 4,500 additional entries.

Red-carpet worthy results

On opening day of the Sparkle Red Carpet Premiere Giveaway, Off Broadway Shoes was the fourth-fastest growing Facebook page in the shopping/retail category. They walked away with over 20,000 new Facebook fans, nearly 8,500 new e-mail addresses and upwards of 18.5MM impressions on Facebook alone. Did we mention it all happened in less than a month? Turns out success stories aren’t just for the movies.


new e-mail addresses in under a month


impressions on Facebook in under a month

Taking the campaign one step further

When Off Broadway Shoes asked us to help launch an integrated promotion with Sony Pictures, we stepped right up. For us, building fans is all in a day’s work. But what’s not so typical is the chance to leverage the buzz of a big-time movie release like Sparkle. So, in true redpepper fashion, we decided to add to the excitement and steal a little more time in the spotlight for our client. How? By hosting an event around the film’s Hollywood premiere.

Setting the stage

We knew that the largest Off Broadway Shoes was located in Hollywood. We also knew that the Sparkle red-carpet premiere was taking place there just as our Sparkle Spree promotion was wrapping up. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We began planning an in-store event that would further strengthen the connection between the film and the Off Broadway brand—and give lots of Jordin Sparks fans another big event to talk about.

Building the anticipation

Obviously, we leveraged the usual social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. (We even got some retweeted love from Jordin Sparks herself.) But we also unleashed a few not-so-everyday tactics. From bike messengers to a team on foot, we hit the streets to make sure the whole neighborhood knew what was coming. We even placed single shoes on high-traffic sidewalks with a message to “Hop, skip and jump” to Off Broadway Shoes for the matching shoe. The tactic worked so well it literally stopped people in their steps.


Lights, camera, action!

Finally, the big day arrived. We rolled out the red carpet, ran one last sound check and put on our party shoes. The line went out the door as people waited for their chance to sing on stage, karaoke-style for free shoes. Jordin Sparks made a personal appearance, greeting fans and signing autographs in the store. We also flew in our Sparkle Spree winner to do her two-minute shopping spree during the event. Last, but not least, we surprised two lucky people at the event with free tickets to the Sparkle movie premiere which took place that evening.


Rave-worthy ratings.

All in all, the event was the perfect Hollywood ending to a campaign that was months in the making. Hundreds of fans came by the store. What’s more, we captured every moment on tape, giving Off Broadway Shoes plenty of promotional footage which can be repurposed down the road as they continue to build their brand — and their fan club.

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