Skyrocketing social

This retail-rewards game fueled sales, store traffic and the 6th fastest growing Facebook page in the world.

203,604 new Facebook fans in just under a month

We’d already grown Kirkland’s Facebook fan base to around 60,000, but it was time to take things to a new level. So we asked, “How can we attract a wave of new fans and engage the ones we already have?” Enter Cha-Ching! We relied on three elements to make this promo inviting, repeatedly engaging and, of course, measurable.

A cash-based incentive to attract new fans

Every time someone new “liked” Kirkland’s on Facebook a dime was added to the cash register. After a month, one lucky fan got to empty the cash register and walk away with every last dime.


new Facebook fans in just under a month

Custom game for existing and new fans

We also created a daily swapping game to encourage people to keep coming back. Fans could draw a random item from a virtual Kirkland’s shelf, then swap that item with Facebook friends who were also playing. At the end of the day, each player was entered to win the real version of whatever he or she was left holding.

Shopping badges and rewards to drive store visits

With Kirkland’s, store traffic is always key. Plus, we knew our audience liked coupons. So, we added an extra incentive: Players could be promoted to four different badge levels, depending on how many days they played. Each badge level allowed players to unlock new coupons, which could be redeemed in-store.

Spreading the word

Besides rallying the Kirkland’s community site, we created Facebook ads and sent e-mail blasts to Kirkland’s subscribers. We also tapped into fans' social circles by generating a number of custom posts that showed up on their Facebook walls each time they interacted with the promo or game.

Now for the results.

During the Cha-Ching! promo Kirkland’s became the 6th fastest growing Facebook page in the world. We racked up more than 203,604 fans in just 28 days. The best part? These new fans stuck around to engage with the brand and share it with others, turning new “likes” into valuable advertisers.


new Facebook fans


fastest growing Facebook page in the world

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