The app that got 50k Tennesseans streaking

By making wellness more encouraging, more social, and more fun

Rallying for a better ranking

According to the U.S. health standings, Tennesseans had enjoyed one too many Moon Pies lately. Which is why Healthier Tennessee came to us with this charge: Find a way to make “healthy” less daunting and more engaging.


users and growing

A user experience for contagious better living

So we came up with Streaks for Small Starts -- an app that gives Tennesseans a variety of simple, daily actions that add up to big streaks of success. This pocket-sized sidekick made “getting healthy” as simple as selecting an activity and building a wholesome habit one day at a time. And with fellow Tennesseans challenging, encouraging, and cyber high-fiving each other along the way, the little app rippled across the plains and hills, making a mighty impact.


small starts completed in the first 2 months


growth in database after 1 month

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