Creating the "Upscale DIY" category

Bringing a Swiss luxury brand to American home improvement stores

Differentiating a luxury brand’s big box version

We love projects – part of our office is the garage, after all – so we were thrilled when Franke came to us for help re-launching their easy-to-install line of kitchen sinks and faucets. By digging into the remodeling process, we were able to uncover the emotional connection people have with their home projects. Then we created a campaign to tap into that feeling of joy.

Finding an emotional payoff in a toolbox

Among professionals, Franke is known for high-end kitchen fixtures. They had launched the Fast-In line of sinks and faucets designed for easier installation in home improvement stores, but hadn’t gotten much traction. Before re-launching the brand, we did research on what matters most to this audience. It turns out that “installation anxiety” isn’t really a thing. Homeowners are confident in their DIY skills, and much more interested in projects that help them improve their lives and express their personal style. So a campaign focused on what makes it Fast-In wouldn’t be as powerful as one about what makes it Franke.


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Putting the luxury in DIY

We did that literally and figuratively. First with the campaign slogan – DLY: Do Luxury Yourself. In three short words – or three letters – it lets homeowners know that when they choose Fast-In, they get a premium product and experience. And the active language encourages those thinking about replacing a fixture to get going. The entire campaign carried through the joyful feel. Celebratory copy and visuals play up satisfaction of a job well done. And with our Pin-to Win contest, our lucky winners got more than a happy feeling – they got Lowe’s gift cards to help them jumpstart their DLY project.

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