Social Storyselling


Consumers: “More is More.”

One thing’s for sure: In today’s retail landscape, consumers crave content—especially in the social space. The rise of influencer marketing across social media has put the pressure on brands to create copious amounts of original, high quality lifestyle content that always offers something new, and is easy to shop.

Every Product Has a Story, We Tell It

Given Cracker Barrel’s rich brand history, it doesn’t just sell stuff. It sells feelings of togetherness, happiness and nostalgia, and the childlike joy of discovering “every little thing.” At the start of each season, Cracker Barrel shares the specific retail collections being elevated each month. That’s when our dedicated creative team springs into action, identifying the products that both tell and sell the story—with a focus on high ticket items and products with the most units available. At that point, the overall vision of the collection is defined, which informs the look and feel on Cracker Barrel’s website, on key in-store pieces, and across the social channels.

Calculated Creative

As the team scouts locations and preps our internal photo studio for the custom photo shoot, every shot for retail signage pieces, the Cracker Barrel website, and all social channels for each collection are meticulously concepted. In just three shoot days, our team is able to create months worth of content thanks to our retail expertise, and our ability to maximize and repurpose shots for use across different platforms. One styled scene may be shot four different ways to extend the life of the product promotion across various social platforms. Our on-site photo studio is an invaluable cog in the wheel of the content machine, allowing us to pivot at a moment’s notice without derailing tight timelines or limited budgets.

Committing to Quality & Quantity

The quantity of content is important in a retail world promoting several collections each season, but it’s the quality of the content that truly drives the path to purchase. Our proven process delivers the amount of original social content Cracker Barrel needs to lead the way in its competitive set, while also championing the products through creative that truly inspires customers to incorporate Cracker Barrel into their kitchens, closets, and family-filled homes.

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