A rebrand at retail

Reinventing the Cracker Barrel in-store journey from poster to purchase

Transforming the shopping experience

Faced with the task of attracting a new generation of customers without alienating their loyal baby boomer audience, Cracker Barrel came to redpepper for a retail refresh. The goal was to create an in-store retail journey that inspires consumers to go from browsing to buying.

The creation of a brand identity

To ensure a consistent look, feel, and tone throughout the retail experience, our team created the Modern Nostalgia brand identity. Custom art direction, copy that speaks to Cracker Barrel’s brand attributes, and the inclusion of ownable brand colors elevates all retail signage to live within an exclusive world of southern charm that is Modern Nostalgia. The creative evolution is simple, clean and consistent; allowing the product to be the hero.


stores updated nationwide

Slice of life stories that drive sales

Each custom photograph captures the memorable moments between customers and the Cracker Barrel products in their everyday lives. Every season our team crafts a cohesive story for the offering of products that comes to life through strategically placed signage that guide the customers to a transaction.

Front Porch Poster: Creates awareness; inspires browsing.
Restaurant Table Tents: Triggers the desire to shop after dining.
Counter Mat: Placed at checkout to influence impulse buys; inspire gift shopping.
Mobile Cart: Drives seasonally-relevant products; encourages browsing.

Intentional innovation

Our unique approach has brought a new sense of order, creativity, and wonderment to the Cracker Barrel retail journey, while elevating the storied brand attributes that have kept customers coming back for generations.

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