A New Website, A New Chapter

Repositioning Andela’s true value proposition for the next generation of audiences

An overlooked leader

Andela—or, the “Google of Africa” as it’s come to be known for its innovative work space, culture, and leadership—promises to help solve the global tech talent shortage through high-performing, distributed engineering teams. Andela hires, trains, and mentors developers in both technical and soft skills, promotes full immersion into client teams, and even manages the HR aspect of the work relationship. It’s a one-stop shop for both clients looking to scale teams, and top talent looking for work. But, the company lacked a clear messaging and visual strategy that communicated its value to its key audiences, and established it as the tech talent leader that it truly is.

A whole new approach

We partnered closely with the Andela team to create a new website more representative of the company spirit, with bolder messaging about Andela’s place in this global space. We started by reinventing the user flow, creating interactive journeys that now seamlessly serve both of Andela’s audiences—CTOs looking to hire, and developers seeking work. Developers can browse opportunities through new, integrated job platforms, and learn more about Andela’s fellowship designed to grow developer skills and champion their unique potential. CTO’s can better experience the Andela model of investing in top talent, placing teams, and providing a turnkey solution to scaling.

The human connection

We combatted the sterile nature of tech companies by injecting a human spirit into the new site, inspired by Andela’s vibrant company culture and its internal mission to advance human potential. The newly integrated blog provides a platform for Andela’s thought leadership to shine. The faces, names, and stories of Andela’s pool of talent not only inspire CTOs to connect and engage, but also champion Andela as the “#1 Best Place To Work in Nigeria” to developers looking to grow their careers.

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