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Freelance User Experience Strategist

Whitespace. Empathy maps. User journeys. A seamless user experience. Are you drooling? If you are, then we’ve both come to the right place. Serendipity brought us here. Or fate. Or maybe it was our Freelance Senior UX Strategist job opening. We’re looking for someone who’s as passionate about human behavior as they are about applying research methods and gathering critical user insights. Someone who giggles a little inside when they get to play with wireframes and workflows. If your natural curiosity is egging you on to read more, listen to it. Maybe we’re meant to be. ##Who You Are: - You understand that this is a freelance role, and that works for you - You understand people and technology and how they interact (particularly through web/mobile apps) - You’re passionate about human-centered problem solving and you tirelessly seek to discover what users really need - You can clearly and convincingly explain your decisions and perspective - People like you, and you like people - You’re empathetic - You’re capable and confident, but humble - You’ve worked as a member of a team of designers and strategists to serve large clients - We’ll be extra impressed if you also have some knowledge and experience in the realm of financial services, B2B, and/or enterprise mobile and web applications - You have 5+ years of UX research, strategy, and design experience ##What You’ll Do: - Gather critical insights about what users need, using creative research methods - Attend user design workshops and both co-facilitate and produce sketches and notes - Create user workflows, narratives, and UX design documentation to capture and articulate complex ideas and drive decisions - Create wireframes and persuasively present recommendations for usability and functionality based on your super smart UX design expertise to both a UI team and client partners - Provide UX design direction and expert recommendations to client partners and development teams to ensure the quality of the execution of UX strategy - Curiously seek to understand new industry technologies, trends, tools, and methods (always) ##Who We Are: We’re an integrated advertising agency that takes a lot of pride in our culture. We believe in Culture > People > Clients - in that order. We value good people who work hard, grow always, support others, and continually become even better people. We work in an industry that’s always changing. And we consider it our job to not only keep up, but push the envelope. We’re a team of creative thinkers who believe no great success ever came from playing it safe.* *lab goggles required sometimes People who hire redpepper want more than just an ad agency. They want to make sense of the world where marketing, technology, and human behavior collide. They want to connect to consumers in a relevant, engaging, valuable way that connects back to the metrics. They want solutions, not just ads. Here are some places we’ve said some smart-ish things or taken particularly decent selfies: [Facebook](http://facebook.com/redpepper), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/redpepper), [Instagram](https://instagram.com/redpepper.land/), [Medium](https://medium.com/redpepper) Still reading? We like you already. Send your resume to jobs@redpepperland.com. (Psst: Please put “Freelance UX Strategist” in your subject line. This may or may not be your first test.)