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Calling All Freelancers

Love your freedom? Not ready to put a ring on… anything? Works for us. ###Join us—freelance at redpepper. We’re looking for: - UX/UI Designers - Web & Mobile App Developers - Copywriters - Media Planners - Graphic Designers - Production Artists - Art Directors - Researchers - Strategists who take pride in doing great work, know how to meet deadlines, and are down with teamwork. ###Sound like you? Send us your stuff already! Send your resume, portfolio, and a cover letter to bench@redpepperland.com, and include “freelance _____________” (<-- your area of expertise) in the subject line. Easy as pie. Or, easy like Sunday morning. Whichever you prefer. ###Who We Are: We’re an integrated advertising agency that takes a lot of pride in our culture. We believe in Culture > People > Clients - in that order. We value good people who work hard, grow always, support others, and continually become even better people. We work in an industry that’s always changing. And we consider it our job to not only keep up, but push the envelope. We’re a team of creative thinkers who believe no great success ever came from playing it safe.* *lab goggles required sometimes People who hire redpepper want more than just an ad agency. They want to make sense of the world where marketing, technology, and human behavior collide. They want to connect to consumers in a relevant, engaging, valuable way that connects back to the metrics. They want solutions, not just ads. We offer competitive compensation and other highly competitive — dare we say unbeatable — benefits. Like an incredible culture and work experience, personal growth opportunities, and flexible hours. Maybe you’re the type who likes to partake in some light social stalking pre-commitment. Here are some places we’ve said some smart-ish things or taken particularly decent selfies: [Facebook](http://facebook.com/redpepper), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/redpepper), [Instagram](https://instagram.com/redpepper.land/), [Medium](https://ideas.redpepper.land/)